I see people being bullied by this every day….

I was once victim to it too, until I made that my bully my friend.

The bully I’m referring to is FEAR.  Fear doesn’t have to be your bully, it doesn’t have to be your jailer, it’s not the enemy. Is fear keeping you stuck or are you using it to propel you forward?

There’s a popular acronym for fear that I really really really don’t like.  It looks like this:


That is so not true! Have you ever been paralyzed by fear? Overcome by the thought of failure, rejection, pain?  I have and let me tell you, there was nothing false about it. It is very real.

I made a new one. A new acronym that I feel will much better serve you. It’s my four steps for shifting fear’s role in your life. Doing this will help fear become your ally instead of your enemy. Watch how much your life changes when you make that shift.


Fear is trying to help you. It’s pointing out that the situation ahead has the potential for pain in it. That is your brain’s job! You don’t need to take it as fact though!  Think of fear as a gauge for what your limitations are.  What beliefs need to be shifted when you bring this fear in to the light.  Fear is your friend asking you to consider the potential pain ahead while you make a plan to move forward.  That pain that you are afraid of was created by a limiting belief you have.  Discover that, shift it and you’ll really feel like fear is your best friend.

Your ego is where fear keeps it’s roots. Your ego holds on to your sense of you individually. Your ego is important (despite what other people might say).  You need this tool to find your place in the world but if you stay trapped here, fear will keep you stuck.  The best way out? Ask yourself this question:
How is this bigger than me?  
When you see that thing you are afraid of as more than just you, when you see how it effects so many other people, you will rocket out of ego in to a new place of ambition.

Make a plan to move forward with awareness of you fear.  Don’t leave it out of your plans! If you’re afraid that buying that new house will leave you without enough money, scraping to get by, make a plan to get there with that in your mind. How you can create a plan that affords you some extra security? What can you do to bring yourself peace as you move towards your goal.

Fear comes from a limitation or a vow that you have set as a belief.  Discover that limitation and shifting it is a huge part of busting by fear.  What would you like to believe instead? What’s your new mantra or vow around that thing you fear?

Let your own mind help you and not hurt you! You were designed to constantly be evolving and growing. Don’t ever let fear keep you still. You were put here to do big things and enjoy your life. Now go do it!

Lots of LOVE,

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