Ever have those moments when you think “If only I could go back and tell my 16 year old self that it will all make sense one day….”

I’m having that moment right now.  I just led my first spiritual retreat this past weekend and WOW! Something about the 20 shiny, beautiful souls who were there to Rise and grow and expand had a profound effect on me.  Their gorgeous lights shining in the room,

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Today’s date is 1/11.

So New Years day is so exciting and a great time for new starts, but to me 1/11 is even better.

The number 1, especially in sequence is representative of new beginnings and new blessings. A lot of people take a little time around the beginning of the new year to think about what they want  What their goals are for the year ahead and the kinds of changes they want to bring.

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Can you believe that 2017 is just days away???

I can’t! This year was such an amazing year full of growth for me.  If I had to sum up 2016 in one word it would Growth for sure! What word would you use?

Instead of focusing on New Years Resolutions this year, how about you focus on some New Year Intentions?  What would you like your word for 2017 to be?  

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